Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School

The project at Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School involved comprehensive internal alterations, refurbishments, and external works to relocate and improve nursery classrooms. This included a suite of electrical and mechanical installations, the construction of new classroom doors to exterior areas, new classroom toilets in an existing storeroom, and refurbishment to children’s toilets. The project also entailed new floor coverings, general redecorations, and external works such as new access ramps, landings, and walkways.






North Devon District Council


Chanter’s Hill, Barnstaple

Our Approach

Our approach was tailored to align with the school’s operational calendar and to mitigate any disruption to the school’s functions. Scheduled during the summer holiday, the project was planned when school attendance was at its lowest, primarily involving adult staff and maintenance personnel.

Our methodical planning ensured all works, from new toilet installations to refurbishments and external pathway constructions, were executed to meet the specific needs of a primary school environment.

The project management team was in constant liaison with the school to pre-emptively manage any potential on-site visits and maintain safety and efficiency.

Community impact

The transformation at Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School stands to significantly impact the school community positively. The improvements not only enhance the learning and teaching environment but also ensure that the school facilities meet the latest standards of safety and accessibility.

Externally, the construction of new access ramps and landings promotes inclusivity, allowing easy access for all students, including those with mobility challenges. Internally, the upgraded facilities contribute to a more engaging and supportive educational environment for the children.

Moreover, this project reflects our commitment to contributing positively to the community by improving local educational infrastructure, ensuring that the benefits of our work extend beyond the physical construction to support the school’s mission of providing quality education.


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