HMLR Central Print Relocation Works

The HMLR Central Print Relocation project involved transforming the office space within Seaton Court to establish a new print facility. The refurbishment included internal remodelling, with the creation of a spacious print room and storage area, along with a new break-out office space. Enhancements included the addition of new ceilings, floors, and doors, as well as the development of a loading bay, waste area, and plant deck.






His Majesty’s Land Registry



Our Approach

Our approach was multi-faceted, focused on maximising the use of space while maintaining the operational integrity of Seaton Court. The project began with the removal of existing partitions to open up the office space, followed by the construction of a new metal frame (MF) to create the paper store, which also offered increased acoustic performance and fire protection.

The walls were boarded and decorated with commercial-grade skirting. The flooring was upgraded to include a raised access floor with heavy-duty carpeting and anti-slip vinyl for safety and durability. Ceilings were replaced with a new grid system to complement the internal decor.

For mechanical and electrical works (M&E), we installed a new sub-main from the incoming main to support a new distribution board. The lighting was upgraded to a new LED in grid system, meeting optimal lux levels. Additionally, temperature control was addressed with the installation of VRV/VRF type split units.

Community impact

This project has significantly enhanced the efficiency and capacity of the Land Registry’s printing operations. By streamlining the workflow and improving the facility, the project supports the staff in their critical roles within the government service structure.

Furthermore, the project was conducted with an acute awareness of its proximity to residential areas and a nursery, ensuring minimal disruption and safe practices. Enhancements to the site’s infrastructure, like the loading bay and waste area, are also expected to reduce traffic congestion and improve the overall functionality of the site.

The successful completion of this project demonstrates Nevada Construction’s commitment to delivering essential infrastructure that not only meets the current needs of our clients but also anticipates future demands, ensuring long-term community benefits and operational resilience.


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