Beauchamp Centre

The Beauchamp Centre at Mount Gould Hospital’s ground floor has been transformed, showcasing our expertise in healthcare construction. This project involved creating new facilities for the Podiatry and Orthotics department, including advanced treatment rooms, staff areas, and a specially designed changing places toilet facility.






University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust



5 months

Mount Gould Hospital, Plymouth

Our Approach

Nevada Construction took on the transformation of the Beauchamp Centre’s ground floor at Mount Gould Hospital. We carefully balanced the hospital’s operational needs with our construction work, focusing on safety and minimal disruption.

Our process began with in-depth collaboration with the hospital’s management, staff, and stakeholders to align on the vision for the new Podiatry and Orthotics department. This ensured a design that was both functional and supportive of patient and staff wellbeing.

Innovation was at the core of our strategy, using modern and sustainable materials to craft new facilities such as advanced treatment rooms, efficient stores, workshops, rest areas, and accessible toilets, highlighted by a specialist changing places toilet facility.

We sensitively integrated a new single-story extension into the existing structure, complementing it with a tree planting scheme that added environmental and aesthetic value.

Community impact

This project has significantly benefited the local community, marking a new standard for healthcare facilities. The updated Podiatry and Orthotics department provides an accessible, welcoming space, enhancing patient care quality.

Economically, the project boosted the local area by engaging suppliers and subcontractors, fostering community ties, and supporting jobs. A new parking area improved access, easing a major concern for staff and visitors.

Environmental efforts, including the tree planting scheme, underscore our commitment to sustainable, beneficial spaces for both the community and the environment.

This Beauchamp Centre transformation showcases Nevada Construction’s commitment to excellence, collaboration, and positive community impact, reinforcing our leadership in healthcare construction.


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