AAU/Frailty Facility at Derriford Hospital






University Healthcare Plymouth NHS Trust



6 Weeks

Derriford Hospital

Our Approach

This renovation project required a complete overhaul of the pre-existing layout. The work included the demolition of the former structure to make way for a series of significant improvements:

  • Accessible WC Installation: Ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all, we integrated a fully equipped Accessible WC.
  • Utility Area Segregation: Recognising the importance of hygiene and efficiency, we created separate clean and dirty utility areas.
  • Dedicated Kitchens: Catering to the distinct needs of staff and patients, we established separate kitchen facilities. This not only enhances the hospital environment but also addresses the diverse dietary and scheduling needs.
  • Welcoming Reception Area: Understanding the impact of first impressions, we designed a welcoming reception desk. This area now serves as the heart of the hospital, offering a comforting and organised space for patients and visitors.
  • Enhanced Treatment Bays: To increase the hospital’s capacity for patient care, we added new treatment bays. These spaces are equipped with the latest medical technology, ensuring top-tier treatment options.
  • Optimised Storage Solutions: Recognising the need for effective storage solutions, we created a dedicated storage area. This strategic addition aids in maintaining a clutter-free and efficient environment.
  • Functional Space Conversion: By converting several offices into functional spaces, we maximised the utility of the hospital’s layout. This adaptive use of space supports a broad range of hospital activities and services.

Community impact

The primary objective of this renovation was to bolster the hospital’s capability in providing specialised care, particularly for the elderly. The newly revamped UHP AAU/Frailty Facility is a crucial development in this regard, promising to significantly improve the quality and range of healthcare services available to the community.

The completion of the Frailty Unit is important for Plymouth healthcare, providing specialised care that enhances services and accessibility for our most vulnerable.

Incorporating spaces for family and carer support, alongside communal areas, addresses the needs of reducing caregiver strain and combating patient isolation.

The unit serves as a hub for health education and community engagement, as well as empowering residents with the mindset of healthy ageing and frailty prevention.