Nightingale Hospital

Nevada Construction managed a £15.5M project to remodel NHS Nightingale Hospital into an RD&E Hospital extension. The project included new medical gas storage and two modular theatres with recovery suites, requiring a rapid pace of £1M in construction work per week with up to 250 staff daily.






Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Trust



14 Weeks

Nightingale Hospital Exeter

Our Approach

Our approach to this complex project was carefully planned and adaptive, focusing on efficiency and safety. Key to our strategy was phased construction planning, allowing for seamless integration of new facilities with existing hospital operations.

We prioritised communication and collaboration with all parties, ensuring the project’s goals were met within the tight schedule. Additionally, our commitment to innovation was evident in our use of modular construction techniques for the theatres and recovery suites, significantly reducing build times and environmental impact.


The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic added an unprecedented layer of complexity to the project. To navigate these challenges, Nevada Construction implemented comprehensive COVID-secure measures:

  • Social Distancing: We reorganised work schedules and site layouts to maintain safe distances between workers.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Mandatory use of PPE was enforced for all staff and visitors to the site.
  • Site Sanitisation: Regular cleaning and disinfection protocols were established to minimise the risk of virus transmission.
  • Health Monitoring: Regular health checks were conducted to ensure the wellbeing of our workforce.

These measures ensured that the project could proceed without compromising the health and safety of our team and the wider community.

Community impact

The transformation of the NHS Nightingale Hospital into an RD&E Hospital extension has had a profound impact on the community:

  • Expanded Healthcare Capacity: The project significantly increased the region’s healthcare capabilities, crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Benchmark for Pandemic Response: It set a precedent for rapid, safe construction practices in healthcare settings under pandemic conditions.
  • Economic Support: By maintaining employment levels throughout the project, we contributed to the local economy during uncertain times.
  • Lasting Nightingale Hospital: This facility is notably the only Nightingale hospital in the country still in use, evidencing its success and critical role in the national healthcare system.
  • Wide-spread Benefit: The extension has the capacity to benefit thousands of people, providing essential healthcare services in a time of need.
  • National Model: Its continued use as a Nightingale hospital serves as a model for healthcare infrastructure resilience and adaptability across the UK.

This extension is a testament to Nevada Construction’s commitment to supporting community health and wellbeing, showcasing our ability to deliver critical infrastructure projects that have a lasting positive impact on society.


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