Derriford Hepatology

Nevada Construction has successfully delivered a substantial refurbishment of the existing REI Unit on level 3 to create a state-of-the-art Hepatology Unit. The space was reconfigured into wards, single rooms, treatment areas, and staff welfare facilities, complete with a full mechanical and electrical (M&E) fit-out that included the installation of new Air Handling Units (AHUs).






University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust


14 Weeks


Our Approach

As the project took place in a live hospital setting, careful planning was needed to ensure minimal disruption to ongoing services. Key phases included:

  • Demolition and Strip Out: Executed with precision to accommodate the sensitive hospital operations surrounding the construction zone.
  • M&E Overhaul: Integrated a comprehensive M&E fit-out, adapting to the evolving project scope and incorporating new AHUs for improved air quality.
  • Construction of New Partitions: Created new functional spaces while adhering to rigorous healthcare construction standards.
  • Service Relocation and Diversion: Skillfully relocated and diverted existing services to align with the new layout and design requirements.

Challenges addressed included adverse weather conditions and an initial start based on rudimentary drawings rather than a full design. Changes in project scope introduced by the client necessitated on-the-fly adjustments, particularly in relation to M&E service diversions.

Community impact

The newly refurbished Hepatology Unit now offers an enhanced patient care environment within the hospital. This development provides:

  • Improved Patient Facilities: The creation of dedicated wards and private treatment rooms allows for a more tailored and dignified patient experience.
  • Enhanced Staff Amenities: Upgraded welfare facilities contribute to staff wellbeing.
  • Service Continuity: Throughout the refurbishment, careful planning ensured that hospital services continued uninterrupted, maintaining patient care standards.This project demonstrates our ability to adapt to changing requirements and deliver high-quality environments despite unforeseen challenges.


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