Plymouth Albion visit Derriford Hospital

This Christmas, Team Nevada, alongside Plymouth Albion RFC, brought a touch of festivity to the Children’s Wards at Derriford Hospital. Our aim was to lift the spirits of the young patients receiving care during the festive period.

With a selection of toys and a readiness to spread cheer, our team, together with the rugby players, made their rounds at the hospital. The children excited to see the players, in their green and white kits and Santa hats, which added to the cheerful atmosphere. It was the players’ presence and their willingness to spend time and chat that really made an impact on the kids and their parents.

The initiative was about more than just giving presents; it was about showing support and creating happy memories for the children. This effort shows the strength of community ties and how sports can play a role in supporting those in tough situations.

As we left the wards, the positive mood we’d helped create was clear. The visit had been a success, marked by laughter and smiling faces. Nevada Construction is proud to be part of such community work and is keen to keep up these important partnerships, reflecting our dedication to community involvement and support.

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