Ground Breaking Children’s PAU with RDUH Charity

Nevada Construction is pleased to announce the start of an essential healthcare project at Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’s Wonford Hospital. This initiative is a significant step towards enhancing paediatric emergency and urgent care facilities.

Event Summary

The commencement of the project was celebrated with a gathering of Nevada Construction’s team, a local family, and representatives from the RDUH charity. This event highlighted our joint commitment to improving healthcare for children. A photography session captured the enthusiasm for this crucial project.

Project Overview

The project entails the construction of a two-storey extension at Wonford Hospital, aimed at expanding the hospital’s capacity for emergency and urgent care. This includes a dedicated area for paediatric emergencies and a new admissions unit, addressing the increased need for specialised care for children in a welcoming and safe environment.

Future Commitments

This project reflects Nevada Construction’s commitment to delivering high-quality construction in healthcare settings. Collaborating with the Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and the RDUH charity, we aim to create spaces that prioritise patient care and healing.

More than just a construction project, this is about establishing a facility that supports children and their families during challenging times. We aim to significantly enhance paediatric healthcare and look forward to sharing updates on our progress.


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