Behind the Scenes: A Day with Local Students in Plymouth

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In collaboration with Building Plymouth, coinciding with National Careers Week, Nevada Construction facilitated a unique opportunity for local students, offering them a comprehensive insight into one of our premier construction projects in Plymouth. This initiative extended beyond a traditional site tour, serving as a detailed educational encounter designed to demystify the construction industry and showcase the wide array of career pathways it provides.

The day unfolded with a carefully planned agenda, ensuring that students gained a holistic view of construction, from groundwork to grand designs.

Students were given an exclusive tour of the project site, where they witnessed firsthand the coordination, skill, and dedication required to bring architectural visions to life. This hands-on experience allowed them to appreciate the complexity and satisfaction of building work, highlighting the tangible outcomes of various construction roles.

Expert Presentations

A highlight of the day was the series of engaging talks delivered by our team members, who offered insights into their career journeys and the broader construction landscape.

  • Associate Directors’ Journey: Colin Aldworth and Steve Holcombe, our Associate Directors, shared their paths to leadership within Nevada Construction, emphasizing the value of perseverance, education, and adaptability in the construction industry.
  • Project Management Pathways: Kurt Sansom and Ben Arnold detailed their direct routes into construction project management, outlining the educational background and professional experiences that have shaped their careers.
  • Marketing in Construction: Andy Nickels discussed his unique role in marketing within the construction sector, shedding light on the importance of communication, creativity, and strategic thinking in promoting construction projects and engaging with the community.
Practical Insights and Interactive Learning

The day was enriched with Q&A sessions, allowing students to interact directly with our professionals, asking questions, and gaining deeper insights into the realities of construction work. This interactive element underscored the event’s educational value, providing students with a clear, unfiltered view of the construction industry’s challenges and rewards.

Inspiring Future Generations

This event, marked by personal stories, professional insights, and hands-on experiences, was a step toward bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and the practical world of construction. Nevada Construction is proud to have facilitated such an enlightening experience, reaffirming our commitment to inspiring future generations and highlighting the diverse, dynamic career opportunities available within the construction industry. We are excited about continuing our engagement with the community and contributing to the development of the construction sector’s future talent.


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