X-Ray Project – RDUH

Nevada Construction was appointed to refurbish the X-ray waiting room at The Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital (Wonford). The project aimed to modernise the space, enhancing both its functionality and aesthetics, while ensuring that hospital operations continued smoothly.  






Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust



2 Weeks

Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Our Approach

The project required a strategic approach due to the operational sensitivity of the hospital environment. The site manager, Jack Seatherton, led the initiative, focusing on updating the X-ray waiting room by changing the flooring, adding bioclad to the walls, refreshing the decoration, and updating wayfinding signage.

To minimise disruption to hospital operations, the project was initially planned for night work. However, after consultations with various departments, it was decided to proceed during daytime hours, extending the duration to two weeks. The area was divided into four zones, allowing staff to work around the renovations with minimal impact on their daily operations.

Key Highlights:

  • Scope of Work: The project encompassed a general refurbishment of the X-ray waiting room and adjacent hallways, including flooring replacement, wall enhancements, and decoration updates.
  • Operational Strategy: By segmenting the area into four zones, the team ensured that hospital staff could maintain patient care and workflow, despite the ongoing works.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Continuous dialogue with hospital staff and departments ensured that the project was aligned with the operational needs and schedules of the hospital.
  • Outcome: The project received positive feedback from hospital staff, particularly noting the significant improvement from the outdated decor and facilities. The modernisation was well-received, with the updated flooring and fresh aesthetics greatly appreciated by both staff and patients.

Community impact

The upgrades to the waiting area and hallways have created a more welcoming and comfortable environment for patients awaiting X-ray services. The modernised space is likely to reduce stress and anxiety, contributing to a more positive experience.

For healthcare staff, working in a newly refurbished space can significantly boost morale and job satisfaction. The modernisation of Room 9 and related areas not only refreshes the work environment but also potentially improves operational efficiency. With updated facilities, staff can offer better care, benefiting from an environment that supports their workflow and daily tasks.

Despite the modest project value, Team Nevada delivered with expertise and ensured exceptional results.

Client Feedback:

John Horwell and the X-ray department staff expressed satisfaction with the project’s outcome, highlighting the long-awaited need for such improvements. The minimal disruption, despite the temporary loss of one X-ray room, was managed effectively, allowing for a swift return to full operational capacity.


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