Children’s Emergency Department RDUH

The reconfiguration of the Emergency Department (ED) at the Royal Devon University Hospital (RDUH) represents a significant enhancement of healthcare facilities.

The project successfully increased the department’s overall capacity and expanded the resuscitation area, improving both patient care and staff working conditions.






Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust



January 2024 – Current

Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Our Approach

we’re proud to announce the completion of the Emergency Department expansion at Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. This project was close to our hearts, focusing on increasing the resuscitation area from 3 to 8 spaces and introducing two bespoke spaces for children.

  • Close Collaboration: Engaged directly with ED staff, led by Gavin Best, to tailor the expansion to the unique requirements of emergency services.
  • Paediatric-Focused Design: Prioritised creating reassuring spaces for children, aiming to minimise their distress during emergency visits.
  • Staged Construction: Implemented phased construction plans to keep the ED operational, ensuring continuous patient care.
  • Partnership Building: Developed strong relationships with all project stakeholders, building a collaborative and supportive environment.
  • Commitment to Quality: Upheld high standards of construction quality and safety, providing a secure environment for patients and staff.

Community impact

The expansion of the resuscitation area signifies a significant leap forward in emergency healthcare within our community:

  • Improved Emergency Response: With more resuscitation spaces, the ED can now offer quicker and more effective treatment, leading to better patient outcomes and a more efficient emergency service.
  • Special Attention to Children: The new paediatric areas are designed to make hospital visits less daunting for our youngest patients, providing a sense of safety and comfort in times of distress.
  • Operational Excellence: The redesigned space not only improves patient care but also sets a benchmark in emergency department efficiency, focusing on patient-centred service.
  • Enhanced Community Confidence: This project boosts the community’s trust in our local healthcare services, reassuring them that the ED is well-prepared to provide advanced care when needed.

Client Testimonial

“The ED reconfiguration has transformed the footprint of the Emergency Department at the RDUH. The build has increased our capacity in all areas and expanded our resuscitation footprint from 3 to 8 spaces with two being dedicated to children. This area not only provides a modern approach to emergency medicine but also provides an environment for all staff to be proud of and work efficiently. We are excited to continue with the next element of the build and complete the Children’s ED and PAU, this will again provide a bespoke area for children to be cared for whilst collocating with PAU, this will improve team working, collaboration and patient pathways.

Nevada have worked closely with myself and formed a close relationship to discuss concerns and review plans, enabling the department to function without unnecessary impact to the rest of the team. It’s clear to all those working in ED that the Nevada team are invested in the scheme and do all they can to ensure a good working environment whilst delivering elements of the build.”

Gavin Best, Clinical Project Manager for Emergency Department