Overcoming Challenges: Our Approach

Managing Containment and Ventilation in Live Cath Labs

In the dynamic field of construction, especially within healthcare facilities like catheter laboratories (cath labs), every project brings its unique challenges. At Nevada, we’re well-versed in navigating the complexities of such environments. We recently visited Lee Lewis, Site Manager at one of our projects in a live cath lab (D2) at the RD&E, to see what they’ve been up to since stripping out the older interior for renovation.

First-Fix Containment Solutions

Our approach began with ‘first-fix containment’, a critical step in ensuring the safety and integrity of the lab. This involved the installation of baskets and containment wiring systems, carefully planned to ensure that all necessary utilities are safely and effectively routed. Our team’s expertise allowed us to carry this out with minimal disruption to the lab’s operations.

Navigating Ventilation in a Live Setting

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects so far, was managing the ventilation system while the cath labs remained operational. This required balance – ensuring uninterrupted airflow to maintain a sterile environment, while simultaneously proceeding with our construction activities.

Innovative Light System for Radiation Safety

To safeguard our team from radiation exposure during live procedures, we implemented a simple, yet effective light system. This system served as a real-time indicator, alerting our crew to cease operations whenever necessary to avoid radiation exposure. This innovation underscores our commitment to safety, not just for our team, but also for the hospital staff and patients.

Expertise and Adaptability in Healthcare Construction

This project is a glimpse into how #teamnevada uses their expertise in live healthcare environments. Our ability to adapt to the sensitive and restrictive nature of such projects, while maintaining our high standards of safety and quality, sets us apart in the industry.

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